SOFIA BAIG – Trichologist

Sofia Baig, a distinguished trichologist, and renowned specialist in scalp micropigmentation and hair loss, is a vital member of the Aesthetics Lab team, serving clients at our prestigious London clinics.
  • Education: TrichoCare
  • Years of experience: 10 years
  • Qualifications: Itec, CTC, Reiki, SMP


Results-driven hair restoration plans


Aesthetic approach to thicker hair


Holistic approach to hair loss


Educating clients in importance of scalp & hair health

Boasting over a decade of experience in the aesthetics industry, Sofia specializes in trichology, offering results-driven hair restoration services.

Her expertise extends beyond mere treatment, encompassing the education of clients on the intricacies of hair and scalp care. Sofia’s commitment lies in addressing various hair loss conditions while empowering individuals with the knowledge to maintain optimal hair health.

Guided by a profound understanding of the emotional impact of hair loss and its intimate connection to identity and confidence, Sofia prioritizes scalp and hair health education within her treatment plans. Her approach transforms clients’ lives, not only by restoring their hair but also by uplifting their spirits and confidence.

Sofia’s distinctive approach as a Trichologist involves integrating color theory into Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. Beyond the conventional, she incorporates her passion for holistic well-being, infusing Reiki into her bespoke treatments for hair loss. This holistic perspective underscores Sofia’s dedication to addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of hair restoration.

A notable aspect of Sofia’s practice is her ability to seamlessly blend luxury with scientific precision. Through scientifically proven treatments, she offers a unique combination of indulgence and trichological expertise. Sofia’s creations deliver not only results but also a luxurious experience, making each trichology session a comprehensive journey towards renewed confidence and vibrant hair health.


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