Laser Hair Removal – Soprano Titanium

Our laser hair removal treatment – Soprano Titanium – uses the latest & safest technology to permanently reduce hair growth. Put the painful, time-consuming & never-ending battle with wax, creams, shaving or plucking behind you for good & enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

  • Proven to be the safest laser hair removal
  • Suitable for all skin types & pain free
  • 40% Faster than previous technology

No. of sessions
3 – 8

Treatment time
15 – 60 mins

Recovery time

What is Laser Hair Removal?

By delivering laser energy to the melanin in hair follicles, the hair is prevented from growing back due to the damage caused to the follicle.

The results are gradual, but you should notice a real difference throughout your treatment course.

Perfect for women and men, Aesthetics Lab offers laser hair removal in London, which uses the latest technology, delivered by experienced staff, to provide effective and long-lasting laser hair removal, which is pain-free.

The system we use is the award-winning Soprano Titanium which uses ground-breaking 3D technology that combines two wavelengths to target the hair follicle at all depths to treat unwanted hair in the most effective way.

As most laser technologies produce heat that can become uncomfortable, the Soprano Titanium has an advanced ICE cooling mechanism that makes the procedure comfortable and pain-free. While damaging the hair follicle, the process does not damage skin tissue. It also includes the superior SHRTM system, which is the only clinically proven device to be safe for all skin types, including tanned and darker skin tones in a pain-free way. Built for safety, FDA approved and virtually pain-free, the Soprano Titanium is in a league of its own.

Which areas can you treat with CoolSculpting?

Cool sculpting can treat larger areas such as the abdomen and thighs and smaller areas including chin, bra fat and arms. Now you can treat difficult or impossible areas to treat previously with our wide range of latest applicators.




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Treatment step-by-step

Step 1: Consultation

During your laser hair removal consultation, we will go through your medical history to ensure the procedure is right for you. Your consultation is a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have. We always answer openly and honestly.

After your consultation should you go ahead, we will arrange a patch test and send you a before and aftercare plan.

Step 2: During your treatment

It is essential that you shave your treatment area/s 12 to 24 hours prior to your appointment, to prevent avoidable irritation.

To begin, your qualified aesthetician will apply a cooling gel. A hand-held probe will then be used to deliver laser light into the hair follicles of the treatment area. As the treatment comes to a close, we will remove the gel from your skin before applying an aloe solution to smooth the skin. If your face has been treated, we will also apply SPF.

Step 3: After the treatment

Following your Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatment, you will be able to go about your day as normal. We encourage avoiding sun exposure for up to 2 weeks post-treatment, using 30+ SPF on all exposed treated areas, particularly the face and neck. We strongly recommend not to pluck or wax in between your appointments. For the best results and to ensure your health and safety, always follow aftercare advice, provided to you by Aesthetics Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soprano Titanium laser hair removal right for me?

If you have an ongoing battle with unwanted hair, laser hair removal could be the ideal solution to streamline your beauty regime. Speak with one of our experienced aestheticians to arrange a consultation to discuss your individual needs and the procedure in detail.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Thanks to the Soprano Titanium integrated cooling technology, laser hair removal treatments at Aesthetics Lab are virtually pain-free. You may experience a warming of the skin during the treatment and a slight tightening sensation. Both of these mild effects should quickly subside.

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