Acne Facials

Skin-healing acne facials are ideal if your skin is prone to spots or scarring. Using state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products, skin-kind microdermabrasion techniques, detoxifying massage, and LED Therapy to reduce inflammation, this is personalised acne treatment at its best.

  • Tackles the causes of acne
  • Regulates oil production
  • Immediately visible results

No. of sessions

Treatment time
Approx 60 mins

Recovery time

What are Acne Facials?

Skin-kind acne facials at Aesthetics Labs are a range of facial treatments that cleanse, decongest, detoxify and heal the skin. They have been specially formulated to address the needs of acne-prone skin and relieve a range of associated issues.

We understand how hard it can be to find the right skincare treatments and products when you’re prone to spots, blemishes, blocked pores or scarring. It’s essential that you use products that will not only relieve the symptoms but also help to address the root causes and protect your skin’s health in the future.

This is what our acne facials do. They are unique to Aesthetics Lab and include the popular ALab Clear Facial, which is formulated to destroy acne-causing bacteria, unblock your pores and regulate sebum production. It also reduces inflammations, refines open pores and can prevent the formation of scars. The result? Clearer, healthier and more balanced skin.

Transform your skin

Each of our acne facials has been formulated by our team of skin experts to pamper and treat your congested skin.

We use state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products throughout, which we can customise to suit your skin’s needs. Because this facial is deep cleansing and unblocks your pores, the skincare products are able to enter the dermis where they can have the most impact on your skin’s ongoing health and healing.

After this treatment, you should see improvements in issues such as congestion, blackheads and acne.

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Before and after treatment


* Results may vary

Treatment step-by-step

Step 1: Consultation

Before any of our acne facials, we’ll talk to you about your skin health and daily skincare regime. You’ll also have an in-depth skin assessment, which enables us to personalise your treatment. This includes identifying which decongesting peel would be best for your needs.

Step 2: During your treatment

Our acne facials all broadly follow the same structure, but we’re going to look at the ALab Clear Facial here as this is often what we recommend for congested skin.

With this relaxing treatment, you can just lie back and relax as we gently cleanse your skin. We’ll then apply a gentle but effective clarifying skin peel that’s designed for use on sensitive or damaged, inflamed skin.

We’ll take the peel off your skin after several minutes. As well as removing any dead skin cells, this peel will help to regulate your skin and destroy acne-causing bacteria, leading to ongoing improvements to your skin clarity post-treatment.
Next, we’ll carry out gentle extractions to unblock your pores. With your skin feeling fresher and healthier, you will then enjoy a light detoxifying and draining facial massage.

Finally, we use LED light therapy because it’s proven to have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing effect on the skin. This will enhance your skin’s recovery and new balance.

Step 3: After the treatment

Thanks to LED Therapy at the end of this treatment, you should leave Aesthetics Lab with your skin glowing with health. We will apply moisturiser and sunscreen to your skin for added protection and then you’re free to carry on with your day.
Side effects are unlikely after acne facials at Aesthetics Lab because they’ve been designed with sensitive skin in mind. The LED light therapy helps to soothe your skin but if you do experience any redness, it should pass within an hour or two.

Your skin will look refreshed immediately, but you should notice ongoing improvements, especially a reduction in any spots, blocked pores or inflammation. We’ll give you clear aftercare information to prolong the benefits.

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