Our hand-picked skin peels ensure the optimum results for your skin. They gently remove dull and damaged skin cells and treat a variety of issues to reveal the naturally glowing, healthy cells underneath. Your treatment will end with LED Light Therapy for an extra skin boost.

  • Targeted skin solution
  • Some of the most effective peels available
  • Reveal healthy, radiant skin


At Aesthetics Lab, our skin peels are hand-picked to ensure optimum results for you and your skin. By gently removing the tired, damaged, dead skin cells from the epidermis, it is possible to reveal the naturally glowing, healthy skin it once covered. We include complimentary LED therapy in all our peels to give your skin an extra boost.

Skin peels aren’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. Our specialist aestheticians provide a thorough consultation, in which we will assess your skin and you can discuss your most pressing skin problems.

Whether you are hoping to combat acne or oily skin, sun damage, or rosacea, we provide a comprehensive choice of peels to guarantee your skin receives the most suitable treatment. In consideration of your skin condition and tailored treatment plan, we offer light, medium and medical-grade skin peels.

We are renowned for our choice and quality of peels, as each peel is tried and tested personally to ensure that it targets the patient’s concern. Our aestheticians work with you to tailor-make a series of different strength peels to get the best long term result.

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Counteract all 3 fronts of acne by targeting blocked pores, comedones and inflammation individually. Help reduce pore blockages and skin breakouts. We offer several types of Acne and Anti – Inflammation peels to help improve your skin health. All our peels include complimentary LED Therapy to maximise the results.


Gently improve the appearance and texture of skin by increasing cell turnover for a fresher, brighter look. Relieve skin congestion, dullness and improve acne with no downtime. We offer several types of light fruity peels to help improve your skin health.


We offer numerous anti-ageing peels all designed to help your skin look and feel refreshed. Gently brighten your skin by removing dead cells and promoting fresh cell production for a rejuvenated, brighter look. Minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles and address the damage caused by time and the environment. All our peels include LED Therapy to really maximise the result.


If your skin is hyperpigmented due to sun damage, or you suffer from melasma then our skin peels are a fantastic treatment choice. Our range includes light peels that will gently even out your complexion by removing dead cells and promoting fresh cell production for a rejuvenated, healthy glow to more advanced peels that will minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles and address the damage caused by the sun.


When you have sensitive skin or a reactive condition such as rosacea, it can feel like chemical peels are off-limits. That doesn’t need to be the case. Your skin deserves the right care and attention, which is why we have carefully selected the skin peels suitable for sensitive skin types. These peels can help to balance your skin, minimising redness, acne, oiliness and other common problems.

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*Results may vary.

Frequently asked questions

What do skin peels feel like?

For many clients, skin peels are a pain-free, comfortable treatment. Depending on the peel selected, some clients experience a slight stinging or burning sensation during the procedure for a very short period of time.

Are skin peels safe?

Light and medium peels are safe treatments. That said, our aestheticians are highly trained and to ensure that the correct peel is used for the right condition, significantly minimising the result of any reactions. Your health and safety always come first.

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