The ALab Detox Facial is specially formulated to pamper congested, oily or acne prone skin. Using state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products, microdermabrasion, facial massage, and LED therapy to detoxify and resurface, your skin will look instantly refreshed, clearer and radiant.

  • Treats dull & oily skin
  • Decongests blocked pores
  • A perfect boost to your skin regime

No. of sessions

Treatment time
75 Minutes

Recovery time

What is the Alab Detox Facial?

Using state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products that are customised for your individual skin needs, the Aesthetics Lab Detox Facial is an essential treatment to boost your skincare regime.

A superlative comprehensive detox, the facial includes a resurfacing exfoliation, extractions, and a unique crystal-free microdermabrasion technique, all of which remove dead skin from the epidermis and brighten the complexion. The firmness of the skin and muscle tone is then nurtured with our targeted lifting facial massage.

Cooling & Soothing

But we don’t stop there. The final step of the Detox Facials incorporates a cooling, soothing face mask alongside LED light therapy. This will reduce redness and any aggravation, leaving the skin glowing, looking refreshed and radiant.

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Treatment step-by-step

Step 1: Consultation

Aesthetics Lab will always put your health and wellbeing first. Your initial consultation provides an opportunity for us to rule out any contraindications based on your medical history, and undertake a thorough skin assessment. If you have any questions, do feel free to ask them now. We always answer honestly and openly.

Step 2: During your treatment

Use your appointment to relax and unwind, your qualified therapist combines state of the art cosmeceutical products with brush abrasion techniques and LED light therapy to fully detox the skin.

Step 3: After the treatment

The treated area will look plump and tight. You can resume your normal activities straight after the treatment. There is no downtime, although your skin may feel warm and have a slight pink tint to it. This will It is extremely unlikely that you will suffer any side effects following your Detox Facial. Always follow the aftercare advice provided to you by your Aesthetics Lab therapist.

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