Famously dubbed as the ‘Benjamin Button’ of facials by Harper’s Bazaar, the ALab Plasma Facial has been designed by our own team of experts to promote skin cell reconstruction & overall skin health. This is one of the most effective non-invasive anti-ageing treatments available.

  • The ultimate anti-ageing facial
  • Regenerates new skin
  • Improves skin imperfections

No. of sessions
1 – 6

Treatment time
120 Minutes

Recovery time

Stages of the Plasma Facial

The Plasma Facial is an advanced treatment, or more accurately the perfect combination of treatments. At the heart of its success is the combination of three cosmetic procedures which will make your skin look and feel amazing. It is one the most effective anti-ageing treatments available and is exclusive in its execution to Aesthetics Lab.

Stage 1 – Light Peel: Beginning with a light facial peel, the skin will be delicately exfoliated, perfectly prepared for the stages that follow.

Stage 2 – Brushabrasion: This unique technique is gentler on the skin compared to traditional microdermabrasion and helps remove dead skin cells to produce soft, smooth skin.

Stage 3 – Microneedling: A device with tiny needles is softly applied to your face and neck. Micro-needling will encourage the production of collagen, which is a critical natural substance that keeps our skin youthful and firm.

Stage 4 – Facial Massage: The benefits of micro-needling are then maximised with innovative and targeted facial massage techniques, unique to the Aesthetics Lab clinic in London. We work on muscle tone, thus lifting and plumping the skin.

Stage 5 – LED & Advanced Skincare: We finish the facial treatment with the application of the most advanced skincare products available in the industry. The renowned Regenerating Plasma solution will actively encourage skin cell reconstruction, as you relax under healing LED lights. They help to maximise the effect of the applied skincare and complete your new refreshed look.

What We Can Treat With Plasma Facial

The Plasma Facial is an advanced treatment, or more accurately the perfect combination of treatments. With it we can treat:






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Treatment step-by-step

Step 1: Consultation

Aesthetics Lab always puts your health and well being first. During your initial consultation, together we will rule out any contraindications by looking through your medical history. A thorough skin assessment carried out by one of our expert aestheticians will ensure the Plasma Facial is the most suitable treatment for you and your skin.

Step 2: During your treatment

Carried out by an experienced, qualified Aesthetics Lab aesthetician, the Plasma Facial incorporates a peel, non-abrasive microdermabrasion, a specialist micro-current massage, and more.

Step 3: After the treatment

Following your Plasma Facial, you may notice some slight redness, which should subside within 30 minutes. For your well being and to yield the best results from your treatment, always follow aftercare advice as provide by Aesthetics Lab.

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